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Brushes are used for cleaning the interior of the pipeline where wax, sand, paraffin, sludge, mud, millscale or debris are present. Pipeline Cleaners makes a full assortment of brushes to fit steel-mandrel and solid-cast pigs. Brushes are generally carbon steel flat wire. Stainless steel and prostran are available upon request. Carbon steel or stainless steel wire is available in flat or round wire. Prostran is only available in oval shape.
Aluminum or steel gauging plates are used to detect anomalies in the pipeline such as debris, excessive welds, debris buildup or other obstructions. Normally the gauging plate is made of aluminum. The thickness of the plate depends on the size of the line. Slots are often cut in the OD of the gauging plate to better tell where in the line a problem might be plus give a better indication of how big the obstruction is.
Pipeline Cleaners also offers a full range of urethane and neoprene cups and disc. The style of cup varies according to the type of pig being fitted and the restrictions in the line. Bi-directional pigs are dressed with disc only. Pigs being ran one direction only are often fitted with both cups and disc. Some pigs require a conical bolt circle while others require a standard bolt circle.
Magnets of various sizes and shapes are available for picking up metallic debris in the pipeline. When using more than one magnet per pig, it is important to mount the magnets opposite polarity (north-south-north, etc.)
Pipeline Cleaners offers a line of pig tracking equipment. Transmitters and receivers are available for foam, polly and steel mandrel pigs ranging from 4" to 60" sizes. Transmitters let the operator know where the pig is at all times. If a problem arises while pigging, it is easier to find the location of the problem by following the transmitter signal.

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