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Gauging Plates, Magnets, Tracking Equipment & Dust Bags
Slotted Gauging Plate Photo
Gauging Plates
Gauging plates are used for checking out-of-round pipes, dents or anomalies in the line. The most common material used is aluminum but steel is also available. For added information, slots can be cut into the plate to allow for better movement in the damaged area. The most common size for a gauging plate is 90-95% of the pipe ID.
Latch Magnet Photo
Magnets are often mounted on the body of the pig to pick up any metallic debris that might be in the pipeline. Pipeline Cleaners offers several varieties of magnets that can be fitted to most pigs.

Tracking Equipment

Each CD42 system component has its own individual cavity within the strong foam interior of its carrying/shipment case which is reusable and directly shippable by most shipping agents. The system has a variety of components you can select to best suit your requirements.

CD42-R Receiver
CD42-GP General Purpose Antenna
CD42-GPS General Purpose Subsea Antenna
CD42-TOAR Articulated Transmitter for 2"-4" pipelines
CD42-TO Transmitter for 4"-6" pipelines
CD42-T1 Transmitter for 8"-28" pipelines
CD42-T2 Transmitter for 30"-60" pipelines
CD42-AC6 6" Antenna Cable
C42-AC20 20" Antenna Cable
CD42-CSC Custom fit, wheeled and waterproof carrying/shipment case

All CDI transmitters allow users to select between three pulse pattern presets by simply flipping a switch. If these patterns don't suit your needs, you can implements pulse patterns of your own design. Pig passage detections are stored in the computer's memory via their count, location, time and date. you can clearly see and read the backlit graphic screen even in dim light. Built-in speakers allow you to hear pig passage recordings, transmitter pulses, button presses, etc. The receiver gives you a rated battery life of 40 hours minimum with all options on, including the backlight.

Dust Bags

Dust Bags eliminate environmental pollution caused by pigging a pipeline with air or nitrogen by trapping and containing dust particles as small as five microns, along with scale and construction debris. The heavy duty cloth-like bag is secured around the discharge pipe with a drawstring type closure.
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