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Urethane Cups, Discs and Blades
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Cups, Discs and Blades
The standard cup and disc materials are urethane or neoprene. Cups and discs are also available in Nitrile, Hypalon, Viton or EPDM. Urethane has outstanding abrasion resistance plus it is resistant to moderate chemicals, oils, fats, greases and many hydrocarbons. Neoprene has excellent abrasion resistance plus it is resistant to moderate acids and chemicals, ozone, oils, fats, many solvents and oily abrasions. Nitrile has good abrasion resistance but not as good as Neoprene. Nitrile is generally resistant to most hydrocarbons, fats, oils, grease, hydraulic fluids, chemicals and solvents. Hypalon has excellent abrasion resistance and is generally resistant to strong acids and bases, freons, hydroxides, ozone, alcohols, etching, alkaline and hypochlorite solutions. Viton has good abrasion resistance and generally resistant to all aromatic, aliphatic and halogenated hydrocarbons. Viton is also generally resistant to many acids, animal and vegetable oils. EPDM has good to excellent abrasion resistance and is generally resistant to vegetable and animal fats, oils, ozone, many strong and oxidizing chemicals, ketones and alcohols.
Hardware Kits
To make rebuilding faster and easier, Pipeline Cleaners offers complete Hardware Kits available for all of their pigs,. The kits include all the bolts, washers and nuts needed for each rebuild.
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