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SLS Brush Pig Photo
Wire Wheel
Brush Pigs

The SLS pig has wire wheel brushes which are excellent for removing wax buildup. The SLS pig can be fitted with neoprene or polyurethane cups or discs.

The SLS-HD pig is made in the same manner as the SLS pig except the brushes are Knott Wheel brushes. This is a much more aggressive pig than the SLS pig.

SC Brush Pig Photo

Split Ring
Brush Pigs

SRF Brush Pig Photo

The SC pig has two split ring brushes that are available in carbon steel, stainless steel or prostran. This is an excellent full coverage cleaning pig for small pipelines. The cups can be replaced with discs making it a bi-directional pig.

The SRF pig uses the same style split ring brushes as the SC except the brush hubs are smaller and the trim is longer allowing the brush to be more forgiving in smaller or out-of-round pipe. This pig is also articulated for small radius bends.

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