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EBW-FDD Brush Pig Photo
Interlocking Spring Loaded
Brush Pigs

The EBW pig uses an interlocking spring that holds four brushes. There are two sets of four brushes each on the pig for maximum wall coverage. The EBW pig is built as one complete unit by connecting the front of one pig onto the back of another pig. It is an ideal brushing pig for smaller dual diameter lines.

The EBW-F pig is an articulated pig that connects two complete pigs by a universal joint and spring. Each of the two pigs has one interlocking spring holding four brushes. Articulated pigs are primarily used in small diameter lines with tight radius bends.

Pull Type Brush Pig Photo
2 3/4"-24"
Pull Type
Brush Pig
The SW-65 Pull Type pig is a steel body with bolt on brushes. Normally there is a brush on both ends of the body. More may be added depending on the job. Pull bars, loops or chains are provided on both ends for attaching a cable and making the pig bi-directional. The SW-65 Pull Type pig normally does not have cups or disc.
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