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Flat and Round Wire Brushes
Carbon Steel Flat Wire Single Spiral Brush Photo
The 585 brush utilizes a very aggressive flat wire fill which makes it a good compromise between a scraper and a brush. They are great in lines with heavy deposits.
Carbon Steel Round Wire Singel Spiral Brush Photo
The 589 brush is a round wire double stem/single spiral brush. It is very durable and available with carbon steel, stainless steel or brass bristles.
Carbon Steel Flat Wire Double Spiral Brush Photo
1 1/4"-6"
The 610 brush is a round wire double stem/double spiral brush with high brush density and high stem strength. They are available with carbon steel, stainless steel and brass bristles.
Coil Single Stem Double Spiral Brush Photo
The 599 brush is a coil single stem/double spiral brush making a favorite for cutting hard and soft deposits without scratching the wall. The flat wire coils create self-sharpening mini blades.
T-Bar Brush Handle Photo
T-Bar Brush Handle
The T-Bars and Extensions are great tools when you need an extra reach. To connect rods, brushes and handles, match the male or female thread with the opposite thread of the same size.
Brush Handle Extension
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