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Elliptical Scrapers, Flue Brushes and Replacement Brushes
Elliptical Scraper and Brush Photo
1 3/4"-4"
The 564 Elliptical Scraper with brush is the most efficient combination of self-sharpening cutting blades and a sturdy round wire brush. This scraper is ideal for cutting deposits from the pipe wall and sweeping the debris out of the line.
Elliptical Scraper Photo
1 1/2"-3 3/4"
The 565 Elliptical Scraper has self-sharpening spiral cutting blades that get under crusted debris on the pipe wall without scratching the wall. Reinforced blades remain sharp and work like a plane, digging deeper with each turn. The blades are flexible enough to override imperfections such a welds.
Kleen Tube Brush Photo
1 3/4"-4"
The 580 brush is made on a steel center and filled with round steel fine wire. It is a sturdy long-lasting brush for light deposits.
Improved Flue Brush Photo
1 1/4"-9"
The 555 brush is designed with two offset flat steel wire brushes making it ideal for removing hard deposits.
Power Driven Flue Brush Photo
1 1/4"-6"
The 591 brush is an extra heavy-duty stiff steel bristle brush. It is designed to withstand the extra punishment of a power drive. This brush is great in extremely hard crusted lines.
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